Management Development – Presentation Skills

PEEE = Projection with Passion, Energy, Enthusiasm and Engagement with the audience.

Structure your presentation with 3 key themes – are people likely to remember much more than that?

Powerpoint makes slides, YOU make the presentation.


Understand what coaching is and isn’t and how it differs from mentoring – A mentor is someone who shares experience, knowledge, provides guidance to enable a person to develop. A coach enables another person to achieve personal growth through questioning, listening, focusing on outcomes and next steps.
To be good at coaching, you will need to develop your skills of questioning and listening.
Understand the principles of a coaching framework like GROW or OSCAR for example to help you structure a conversation.

Management Development – New to the role

Before You Begin What do you know about the work and the team?
What research have you done?
Who are the people/teams that you will interact with/stakeholders?
Do you know the key purpose of the team?
Within First 10 days Have you had a conversation with your Line Manager?
Is there an induction for you?
What are your key tasks, priorities & objectives for the next 6 months? What is your role & responsibilities?
How regularly will you meet with your Line Manager?
Within First 30 days Meeting the team as a group
Meeting them individually/How are they doing?
Assess motivations and Development Needs – training matrix
Forming an action plan
Next 30 days Meeting stakeholders
Starting to focus attention beyond the team
Fact Finding – how good are we?
Perceptions of others
Next 30 days Reflect on your experiences to date
Have you had an initial performance review meeting with your Line Manager?
What about your development needs?
What support do you need?
What can you change/progress quickly? (Early success)
Have you planned the next meeting with individuals?