The workshop was far better than the sessions we had in the past years. The two actors were great and really brought it to life. Cracking job Sean

Senior Operations Manager

Just wanted to drop you a note about the training today with Sean and his team

I thought they did a great job giving this was done over teams, and actually one of the most beneficial, and enjoyable trainings I have been on

I really learnt a lot and had opportunity how I could improve my coaching and feedback

Sean as ever was really engaging, and made the environment really welcoming, along with his actors

Would defo recommend this training to anyone. A job very well done.

Leadership Development

“Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for being a great tutor. You have opened my eyes to becoming a better manager”

ILM Management Development Programme participant

Last autumn I made the decision to resign from my position as a strategic lead in a Local Authority and to move to working independently providing a consultancy in my area of expertise. The decision was largely based on a desire to have a balanced life style and a wish to focus on where I felt I could make a positive difference.

I was delighted when my employer provided 6 coach/mentor sessions and I asked for Sean who had been instrumental in a number of a change management programmes I had been part of.

The two overriding goals for the sessions were firstly, to plan and deliver on a number of key actions within my current organisation so that the organisation would experience minimum disruption and be in a good place to take forward the priorities from the strategy that had just been developed with stakeholders. Secondly, mentoring support to help establish my company and new work life balance.

With Sean’s expertise over the six sessions and advice in between (even sourcing my accountant) I have been able to achieve the following:

I was able to leave the Local authority having seen the strategy through consultation and approval from cabinet. It is now providing the vision, priorities and action groups that are driving forward improvement. I completed a necessary redesign and saving plan to ensure that the service delivery model was fit for purpose and affordable. Finally, all of this was done in collaboration with my leadership team who were all able to take on aspects of the work in a succession plan that reassured partner agencies, schools and families that there would be little if any disruption.

Nine months on my independent work is going well and I am enjoying more time with friends and family. I am so appreciative that I had Sean’s support as I entered this new way of working after many years as a public sector officer. I was able to draw on Sean’s vast experience, ask the “dumb” questions and explore scenarios safe in the knowledge that I was with a coach mentor who would empower me as I made the transition.

I would highly recommend Sean to other individuals and organisations embarking on a transformation or change programme.

Senior Manager/LA Officer

Coaching & Mentoring

Sean is an incredible coach/mentor who both inspired and encouraged me to develop my capacity for leadership on an individual basis and within a team setting. I would recommend Sean, time and time again, especially if you like learning through a practical setting. Sean’s variety and approach to unleashing potential in others is to be admired. I look forward to working more with Sean in the near future.

Leadership and Coaching in Education

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say the training Sean did last week was amazing.  I’ve never enjoyed a training session so much.  I took loads of ideas from it and the things that came out of the training have really stayed with me.  My manager is back next week and I am raring to have a meeting with her and hopefully put some of what we learned in place.

Sean is absolutely engaging, he held his audience and he actually taught, didn’t just talk at us, which unfortunately is what a lot of trainers who have been doing the same thing for a long while do.  I loved that he had us up and doing stuff.

I hope he leads any training I have in the future, he’s fab!”

Management Development – Warwickshire

Thank you for running such an engaging, interactive, participative
course. I’m certain that staff did get lots of things out of it to take away
and apply back in the workplace.

It was time well spent for me as I really enjoyed the way in which you delivered
the course, how you engaged and got them involved. There are some really
good practical things in this course, backed up by your knowledge, skills
and experience, which you delivered to a very high standard too.

L&D/OD – Public Sector

Management Development – New and Aspiring Managers

I found this coaching and mentoring really useful for a conversation about a difficult project we discussed the very next day! So thank you

Coaching and Mentoring

Sean has worked with us for many years. A leadership development rolling programme for Head Teachers, training across the service with professionals and teachers in coaching, an Aspiring Leaders programme (demand outstrips budget) and probationer mentors. The work has started to show an impact – growing our own teachers, supporting and challenging Head Teachers and developing people through professional development and review meetings. His reputation goes before him and the training is oversubscribed.

Leadership & Coaching Development – Perth & Kinross

The morning exercise (team behaviours priorities, cards on floor) really good, haven’t done that before and it was really insightful.  Gave me the chance to realise some of the things we are doing as a team.

Team Development in Warwick

In my 11 years in the council I don’t think I have ever enjoyed training as much and gone away feeling like I have learnt something, and about myself as well.  I think he is brilliant.

Team Development participant in Warwick

I found the two day course enormously helpful and it put me in a much more positive frame of mind in order to address some of the issues that I’ve been facing. I feel a lot more equipped to deal with certain scenarios now so I’m really grateful for your help, thank you.

Management Development Participant

Thanks again for your guidance and support. You are a major asset to our organisation, which I hope the powers that be appreciate.

Management Development participant

This is the best leadership course I have attended. The content was very useful and helped me reflect on my personal style, and what I can do to improve as a leader. The trainer was excellent and I am very much looking forward to receiving the feedback from the 360 degree exercise.

Leadership Participant

Thanks very much for all the feedback and help and for the course altogether, it’s been brilliant!!!

Participant from Management Development Programme

Thank you for your help, support and patience

ILM Level 2 Award Leadership and Team Skills participant

Sean delivered workshops for us where we were looking to reshape the make-up of the board. He skilfully walked us through our current position before helping us outline how we get to our end destination. Sean’s style and personality helped nurture the right atmosphere where everyone could contribute and everyone felt at ease talking about difficult situations.

Tom Hill – Worcestershire

Sean helped us train up volunteer mentors, who have been up-skilled and deployed to work with local clubs to create club development plans and understanding their customers better. Sean was an excellent trainer with lots of patience and has provided a great deal of support and encouragement throughout

Worcestershire County Cricket

The feedback I received particularly praised Sean on delivering a very professional yet friendly and welcoming workshop and his genuine interest in people, listening, reflecting and allowing them time to get to know themselves

Get that Job! Connectmums Worcestershire & Shropshire

You have been incredibly helpful over many years and you are about as well known as many of the senior managers in the service.

Head of Service, Education, Perth

The best course so far. Sean was a great trainer and I have taken a lot away from this course.

Presentation Skills course feedback,London

Great 2 days that will help in all aspects of work, not just presenting. Massive confidence builder. Sean was brilliant, and made the course enjoyable and productive. Brilliant.

Presentation Skills course feedback, Housing Association

Having personally seen Sean delivering training, and commissioned him repeatedly for several different events, I regard him as providing excellent value for money. Sean’s materials are extremely well produced and our learners find him very effective. His style is highly engaging and interactive. I have been particularly pleased with Sean’s delivery of presentation skills workshops, team briefing workshops for managers, and ‘aspiring managers’ skill development events. I recommend Sean highly, as would our learners.

Adam Smith, Development Excellence Leader at Roche – Management & Development Course, Worcs

Sean worked with me as a career coach to help develop my management skills. His excellent support, advice and ideas have had a massive impact on both my professional and personal life. I would highly recommend Sean, and I look forward to an opportunity of working with him in the future.

Mike Higgins, PT Mathematics at Perth & Kinross Council – Management Skills Development Course

I have known and worked with Sean Nash for over 5 years and have been consistently impressed by his professionalism, enthusiasm, and constructive approach. Over the last two years Sean has provided coaching training and support which has been invaluable to my personal and career development. During this period I have also moved from a middle management to senior management role in an internationally renowned cultural institution. The coaching I have received from Sean has played a key role in adjusting to the challenges and opportunities that accompanied this move. I have no hesitation in recommending Sean as a coach.

Senior Manager, Museum, Public Sector – Coaching Training Course

Sean provides a ranges of services and inputs which support our Strategic Leadership Development Framework in Education Services. His work is always well planned and executed, bespoke according to our requirements and responsive to our changing and evolving needs.

Sheena Devlin, Director (Education and Children’s Services) at Perth & Kinross Council – Leadership Development Course

Sean is an amazing facilitator. I have worked with him for over 10 years and he always delivers high quality training and gets great feedback from participants. Sean listens to the customer’s needs, designs interventions accordingly and provides additional support to participants after the event if needed. Sean is currently working with us on the delivery of our management development programme and I would thoroughly recommend using Sean for a wide range of management and other skills training programmes.

Nikki Clack, Head of Learning & Development, The Children’s Society – Management Development Skills Training Course

Sean listens, Sean understands, Sean designs and delivers to our needs, so that we reach really successful outcomes with whatever intervention we have asked from him. Quality of his work is excellent and the extra care he takes to support us really gives value for money. Our people love Sean

Head of Organisational Development – Housing Sector

Sean successfully delivers our ILM Management Development and Specialist Development modular programmes. We have an exceptional success rate for those completing the ILM Awards for levels 2 and 3. Sean is highly regarded by all those whom he works with here, by being both supportive and challenging.

Training Manager, Management Development Programme

I would like to thank you for the inspiring courses you have led. I cannot think of a single colleague who has not come away with renewed enthusiasm or insight into the job.

Head Teacher, Perth

How much I enjoyed the course… I got a huge amount from it and it allowed me time for reflection… one of the best CPD experiences of my career.

Head Teacher, Scotland – Continuing Professional Development Course

Our Aspiring Leaders programme is about to start its twentieth series. Demand outstrips budget.

Service Manager, Leadership Development Course

Sean’s reputation goes before him.

Service Manager – Management Skills Course

I was a participant in one of Sean’s “Aspiring Leaders” courses and found the course a fantastic learning experience. Sean uses a wide range of teaching and coaching techniques to make the courses interesting and enjoyable. When we finished the course Sean said that if we ever wanted further support or advice then to contact him and he kindly offered to meet with me in his own time recently to give me some advice I needed. The advice he gave me was very useful and greatly appreciated. It is sometimes hard to know when doing a course like that what challenges will come up against in your efforts to progress in your career so having him to talk to after the course had finished was invaluable.

Diane Cassidy, Senior Community Capacity Builder at Perth & Kinross Council

Working with Sean Nash, over the last three years, has been a truly inspirational and rewarding experience, at both a personal and professional level, for all of those who have had the privilege to attend any of his courses on coaching and leadership development. We were fortunate to have Sean as our own “coach” in the early stages of our Leadership: Coaching for Change Project – as he helped us to design, develop and deliver a programme which has greatly enhanced our leadership capacity by leaders adopting more of a coaching approach. Sean’s masterly use of language, humour and his creation of thought provoking learning activities made his Coaching Conversation and Leadership courses such a great success and inspired many to make changes in the way that they operate in their own classroom and also in the way that they view themselves as leaders in their school. With the use of his Coaching Questioning Triangle, Sean made a big impact on how teachers view their own classroom questioning techniques.

On a personal level, having spent time working and learning with Sean, he has helped me greatly to explore the full potential of leadership coaching in an educational setting, by asking powerful coaching questions which have elicited even more powerful answers about training & development techniques and also the evaluation of impact of our Coaching for Change Project.

I rate Sean Nash very highly – he has without doubt greatly enhanced what we have achieved in our schools – we wouldn’t have achieved as much without him.

Jim Morris, Leadership & Coaching Project Officer